It Either Makes You Or Breaks You

All the experienced people know that a relationship cannot be very simple and straight; especially the relationship in which you genuinely love your partner more than anything. Why does ‘expressing true feelings’ get you into complications, isn’t it necessary for a healthy relationship? Why do we always have to give fake smiles to keep the true love alive, isn’t it delusional? Where are the scripts which say that something called true love exists and it lasts forever even when people die, is it just a bedtime story? When can you actually say that it is true love, does it really exist? How do we express true love, aren’t flowers and gifts just some formulae?

We tend to make a big deal out of our relationship by asking all the above questions to the walls, don’t we? Well, yes, we really do! But In the end, we kick the same wall for not answering our questions. We tend to forget that walls might have ears, but they do not have a mouth to talk.

All of us have a nice guy hiding inside us. This guy suddenly makes a debut when you fall in (true) love. He not only takes away your evil senses but also puts you in a cataleptic state towards reality. This post is for all the Mr. Nice Guy(s) out there. The story goes as follows.

There was 10 year old little kid who was not aware of the evil world. He was always to be bullied by his class mates in school. He hated it. He hated going to school. He would run and hide from these bullies all the time and sometimes even after school while he came out to play on the cricket field. The main reason behind him being bullied was his innocence. He would tell people if their pants were dirty from behind and he would get wacked from them because they thought that he was trying to tease them. He would also get ragged for picking the ball up and throwing it back on the field thinking that the bullies won’t rag him if he helped them. He would get yelled at by the teachers in class for trying to pick up the dropped pencil of the guy sitting on the next bench. But, this helpfulness gave him no good. He grew up being bullied by people now and then, here and there!

One fine day, he met a girl who liked his innocence. She found his helpfulness very rare and attractive. This little kid who was once being ragged and bullied was now very attracted to a person who liked his innocence. He thought of nothing else but of  her. He would write her name on almost everything he had. Everything from his wallet to his bag was bearing her name. They hung out, they had fun and they were having the most awesome times of their lives.

Love Ducks

After a while, he loved her more than anything on this planet. He told her all his secrets. He shared every single thing with her. But that was not convincing enough for the sweet relationship to last. His innocence could not let him understand the girl’s need. She was never happy with him after a point of time. She could not take him with just an ‘I Love you more than anything’ tag. He always wondered about this strange behavior of the girl. It was the stage where the girl couldn’t stand him for being so foolishly in love with her. She wanted to feel good. She wanted something more than someone just the loving. She wanted to feel special and all his love was not enough for that. She left blaming him of not keeping her happy.

He was shocked. He felt as if a truck has run over him while he was crossing the road. Exactly! He felt dead. He didn’t have a life anymore. He would just sit in one corner of his room all day. He strolled, procrastinated and existed like a stone on the river bank. He was back to his misery after the girl walked away from his life.

After a few days of his depression, he got agitated with the fact that he is not a football which can be kicked all the time. He decided to learn what makes people cool and acceptable. As he saw around him, people would lie for their benefits; other dudes around him always flattered girls with cars and bikes and a whole lot of expensive stuff. Now, he stared doing that too. He had almost a decade of suffering and anger inside him which slowly turned into revenge.

It was not very soon that people around him started liking him. He was always wanted as a company on every occasion. He had learnt the tricks of the trade of being around people. After the long suffering-tenure came another part of his life – the smart one. He now knew how to talk to and impress people. He had now understood that, people are happy if you say nice things about them but, they don’t like you if are being genuine. May it be helping or expressing genuinely, it never works is what he had learnt. He henceforth always used the right words, did the right things made people feel the right way. But, it was all from his mind and not from his heart. He found his life better by using his mind against using the heart to live.

He lived happily ever after.