The Happy Nerd

Every soul goes through a phase where he realizes and believes that truth is always the last thing that should be spoken. All of us have experienced the phase in which, any of your doings are backfired and you just wish to stop talking and hide away from the entire world. Everyone from a child to an adult understands and believes about existence of God and his nature of taking care of us humans. But when we really need Him, he does not appear or help us by any means.  Everybody has wondered about themselves being happy but not understanding where it lies! These words are just an expression to a few similar feeling and situations.

The Happy Nerd

Oh why Lord do I suffer!
Why is it that I cry, whenever I seek well?
Is it a difficult journey or an unnecessary path,
Is it for the good or is it for the bad!

Oh why Lord do I feel that I suffer!
Why is it that I don’t understand the truth for happiness?
Is my mind still underdeveloped or was it trained wrong,
Is it my sins in the past or is did I do something wrong since born?

Oh why Lord do I suffer!
Why is it that I cannot hide the truth inside me?
Is it because I don’t understand people or is it because I believe in being burden-free,
Is it because I’m pure-hearted or is it just a delusion?

Oh why Lord is happiness away from me!
Why is it that even after I realize the truth, my conscience does not accept it?
Is it because I believe that you exist or is it because I believe that honesty is Your path,
Is it because I am weak or is it because You are!

Oh Lord, Why!