This is how we love now

No, this is not love now. You will not call this love if you have experienced love once. You will not lose hope on love, once you’ve known what love actually is. This, my love, is definitely not love now.

When you’ve understood that your relationship has the potential to live beyond commitment and marriage, that is love. When these institutions are not enough to express how you wish to be with each other, that is love. Maybe we think intimacy lies in a perfectly-executed string of emoji. Maybe effort is a “good morning” text. But when those perfectly-executed string of emojis are never enough to express yourself and you use them all the more, that is love now. When you send a “good morning” text not because you are supposed to but because you think of love, your love, as soon as you open your eyes. That is love now. When you think about the person you like before going to bed, that is love now.


When you are in a long distance relationship and you dream of welcoming that weird soul with a shower of PINK rose petals, it is love. Even though I might seem like a psycho for imagining that in my dreams, that still is love. When you dream of randomly walking with your love on a cold, shivery London street, but still feel good about that dream, that is love. Even though I come across as a freak to my beloved for saying this, it still is love. You may have lost love but it still comes back to you in these unusual ways and reminds you that it is here, around you now.

When your soul is touched by that one person without looking into each other’s eyes, that is love now and always will be. Even if you do not end up answering each other’s call and wish to talk to each other endlessly, that is love. Even if you don’t talk and still want to hear that one person talking endlessly, that is love. When you talk to that one person and you feel like home, that is love, love in your veins.

You believing that this relationship can go beyond love, that is love now. When you do not give a fuck about what your best friends have to say about the person you love and still spend time with that human, that is how we date now. You realize that distance kills you slowly every single day because you cannot kiss or even look at your sweetheart, that is how we date now. You still want to go on and be killed everyday ‘coz you’ve found your weird soul, that is how we date now. Even if you are not going to be with that person forever but you still wish to spend those beautiful moments with that person for the longest period possible, those are dates now.

When you think of her when you’re watching shooting stars all night, that is love now. Even when you don’t get a reply to your text message asking that person when they are arriving and you still wait endlessly, that is love now. When you wish to do things that you love with that attractive mortal, that is love now.


Even if you do not understand what that soul is trying to tell you and you still write back to her saying what you had to say, that is what love can be now. You probably not replying after seeing this but me still wanting to write all the more to you, that is love now.

In many human ways we feel and we realize what love is, what love can be, what love should be. Why are we still scared and why do we still stop ourselves from saying and doing things imagining that you would end up losing that person? Maybe, my love, this is how we live now.

Maybe all these things will never make sense to you. Maybe you and I will become “we” soon and we will be so awesome that its more than people, texts and photographs about our love now. Maybe we will grow farther than closer after me writing this now. Does that mean we stop believing in love, our love now?

via Thought Catalog